Design evolution, more drawings…THOUGHTS!?

November 20, 2008

below you can see the design progression starting from our Athens charrette in October to the K.C. outcomes. This gives a sense of how the concept evolved. also has a bunch of different drawings showing how elements of the project goals are incorporated into the building.

By the way, we really do want to hear back from you about these designs…Now is the time to share your thoughts!! Take a second, look things over, and let us know why you think these ideas are completely off-base or are the greatest thing since sliced bread….

link to higher res .pdf of these images is here: odum-school-conceptual-evolution2











One Response to “Design evolution, more drawings…THOUGHTS!?”

  1. Seth said

    Thanks for posting this stuff! Looks cool, although a few quick notes to help us interpret what we’re looking at would be welcome.

    Two general comments: I think two strengths of the old Ecology building were (1) the abundance of open spaces and potential meeting spaces (given the small size of the building) and (2)the premium given to graduate student space. This changed with the fencing of the commons and the conversion of the north and south carrells to labs and office space. Hopefully the new building will have sufficient space to have the best of both worlds: good offices and labs plus high quality space devoted to meeting areas and grad student desks. With the growth of the undergrad program some dedicated space for their use would probably also be nice. I’m sure you guys are already thinking on these lines, but I just wanted to reinforce it.

    Oh, and I assume you’ve already incorporated the water slide and monorail. Thanks!

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